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And so it begins… again!

Posted: July 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

I never mean’t to play 40K.

Scoff all you want, but the day I parted company with £10 sterling, and left Games Workshop’s Nottingham store I had zero interest in pitting the contents of my RTB01 box against other peoples minis. I just wanted to paint them.

Yes, seriously. I bought my first box of 40K minis as I thought they would be fun to have.

Oh I was fully invested in the 40K universe, it was just that I was a player of its sister game, Epic. Yes, sister game. Back then Epic had about the same shelf space as 40K did. So that fateful day I’d already browsed the Epic offerings, decided I had everything I needed right now, and so my gaze turned to the 40K shelf. Why not have few bigger models of my favorite sons of Baal?

I didn’t even buy Rouge Trader that day. The fall down that slippery slope happened later, though looking back it was always going to happen.

Over four incarnations of 40K that one box grew into a reasonable sized Blood Angels army, a brief flirtation with Genestealer cult, a start of a Tyranid army and a Catachan army that was a reasonable size too.

I played quite a lot of 40K from Rouge Trader through fourth edition. I did play one or two games of fifth, but by then the game wasn’t what I wanted, and GW wasn’t the game company I wanted to purchase from. So figures sat in cases and drawers, looked at now and then, but not put on the table.

Over the years I’ve let bits and pieces go, most of the ‘stealers have gone, so have the Catachans. I moved on most of the metal bits for Tyranids last year, but I never intended to let my Blood Angels go. They may be small by modern standards, and more orange, but they are my first army. Those you don’t let go. I really didn’t expect to put them on the table again though.

And along came 8th edition 40K.

Credit to GW, they are a leopard that has changed it’s spots to steal a metaphor.

So I find myself swept along on the hype train, and I’m not regretting it at all.

I’ve played on small game, and it was fun. Power and a simple scenario, simple game with hidden depth, but it was cinematic. My opponent and I laughed, rolled dice, made dakka noises. And the best bit, hardly any rule lookups or puzzled moments. The game flowed.

So far I’ve been strong, only picked up the rules and Indexes for Marines and Nids, but that won’t last. When the new split boxes go on pre-order I will launch myself into the Primaris era, and complete the circle.

See, a few years back I painted a new marine army for Epic, an Ultramarine successor chapter of my own making.

So… maybe it will be cool to just paint some bigger models for that chapter?

I mean, how bad can that end up?

2017 New year, new start

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Well we’ve all seen that said, and said it more than once no doubt!

So I’ll cut to the chase and not make any grand statements about updating this thing any more regularly like I have in years past, but I will endeavour to post more.

I have to say I don’t think I’m going to post up and hard and fast hobby goals for 2017 other than one.

Play what I like and have fun doing it.

Simple hey?

Every year I make resolutions only to break them, normally by right about now. I’ve tried using these to boast my motivation to paint, but the never diminishing lead pile is testament to the futility of doing so. So I’m just not going to do it this year.

The need to paint will more likely be driven by tournaments again this year. I’m booked into a team event at the end of Feb, and I’d like to move on from alchemists and get my Union done. I’ll also be sticking to the play it painted at Smogcon. I’ve managed to play at least one new warlock each year and I’m keen to keep this going.

Game wise Guildball seems to be the growth game locally, with a 12 man league set to start in Feb this year, and still proving popular with my regular gaming group. I’m hoping that the WWII gaming will also pick up a bit now that the holiday season has been and gone.

So there you have it, no resolutions, so no way to fail… It’s a brave new world out there!

2016… Well…

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

What a year.

2016 has certainly been interesting, in the Chinese proverb kind of way. Some poll results that have world wide ramifications, an amazing slew of celebrity deaths, and some not great happenings in my real life add up to a year I shall not mourn the end of.

But enough about that, lets look at all my hobby fails shall we 🙂

Painting. OK so I set myself up for a fall here. When I made the pledge to hit 183 newly painted models in January last year I actually felt I had a good chance of hitting the target. At the end of Feb the total sat at 28, just two below the target of 15 a month. Then I pretty much put the paint brush down and never picked it up again in 2016. I did have a brief resurgence, painting 10 15mm para’s but that is it. 38 completed models in 2016.

I have build and base coated a boat load of minis. Both my Union and Fishermen for Guildball are ready, as are both para’s and regular infantry for WWII in 15mm. I have even built new Legion models for Hordes ready for Smogcon 2017.

I did hit my target of playing painted at Smogcon, with two new warlocks since the 2015 event, but It can’t be anything other than an epic fail regarding my painting challenge.

Play with what’s painted was similarly limited in success. I did play Malifaux in Jan, but with no blood bowl this year my other full painted game didn’t see play. Epic doesn’t really count, the armies I use were all painted years ago, with nothing new added. I guess the urge to play blood bowl was limited with the still new Guildball popular amongst the regular gaming group.

If I combine my lack of blogging with my painting it shows a total lack of effort in creative stuff this year. Can’t put my finger on why, maybe this will pick up in 2017, maybe not.

Game wise it’s been a good year. Plenty of different games played, events attended and laughs had.

I have played, in no order or volume:-

Malifaux, Guildball, Epic A, Warmachine, Hordes (played both sides of the coin this year), Battlegroup WWII and Relic Knights.

Looking back I find it odd I didn’t manage a single Ancients game in the year, but I can explain that as I didn’t make it down to seem my friend Innskip too often this year.

I attended four big cons – Smogcon, Daffcon, Games Expo and Britcon, all of which were a blast and highly recommended if you can spare the two or three days to get to any or all of these events. The on campus nature of all of them add so much to the community feel of our hobby that I’ll be sad to miss out on Daffcon in 2017. A clash with Britcon the only reason I won’t be there again in 2017.

I also went to a fair few smaller local events for both Guildball and Hordes, even attended a team event for Guildball that we were in the running to podium till we hit the top team in the last round and crashed to mid table, a more normal position.

So that’s my round up of the year, creatively poor, gaming good so C-, must try harder the grade I feel.