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Jan review

Posted: February 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Jan has been and gone already, where does the time go?

Game wise I’ve pretty much become a mono-gamer. I’ve played a fair amount of Warmachine, and got another game in of Company of Iron. Still enjoying both.

I ran, with the aid of the local MK gaming group, a sixteen man steamroller event in the middle of Jan. I wasn’t expecting to play but with one no show I had to step into the breach and play and TO at the same time. This went pretty smoothly as I’d decided to use the Tiebreak system, which made entering scores and generating rounds. All in all a really neat little tool.

I went 1-3 in games on the day, but I only packed one Absy 2 list so hardly surprised by that. All that attended seem to have enjoyed the day with no real complaints about the setup or timing.

Bonescon is rapidly appearing on the horizon. As ever I like to paint some new stuff to take along. This year I’m looking at 10 models to finish in two weeks. Should be ok. For the first time this won’t include a new caster, unless I change plans and get one or both Vayl’s painted in addition to the stuff above.

The first steamroller went so well we are going to do it all again. 4th March is the next event, 14 spaces left as I write this, available via tiebreak –¬†


Steamroller ahead

Posted: January 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

With the support of the local WM/H players I’m going to be running a 16 man steamroller event on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to it, we have managed to draw in both a good number of locals and some of the ‘names’ from the wider UK community. So there will be plenty of play to watch on the day as I’m not planning on playing.

But I am back building models. The current CID cycle by PP is all about Legion Ogryns, some of my fav models in the game. Played two test games so far and I like the changes I’ve tested.

I’ve even stuck models together, another unit of both warspears and warmongers, along with both Vayls and Crealix. Crealix is a great looking model, looking forward to getting him to the table, less enthusiastic about getting the archer unit that will make him shine done though.

2018 – Goals and all that

Posted: January 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

So new year, new focus?

I didn’t really set any goals for 2017, and I now wonder if that didn’t really help me feel like I achieved, well anything much. Now in previous years I set goals only for the new shiny syndrome to come in and wreak them, coupled with my epic ability to procrastinate. So let’s set some goals for 2018 and see what happens.

Goal One, get a bit thinner. I signed up for the @Fools_Daily Mind over Matter challenge and my initial weigh in shows me at 200 lbs. My goal would be to get to 180 or so, which could be done by Apr, but may take a bit longer. So the aim for Jan is to come in lower than 200, nothing more.

Goal Two, get more painted. This one is a perennial goal, but one I’d like to actually stick too. I’ve just done a quick count and I painted around 23 models last year. I need to up my game this year by quite a lot. So the aim is to paint 10 models a month, for an annual target of 120. If I actually paint a new epic army like I’ve been thinking of for ages this target may get revised!

Goal Three, thin the collection. I have tonnes of models that are never going to see the gaming table, no matter how many times I think they will. This year is the year they go out the door. So watch out on twitter and ebay if you are a collector of minis.

For goals that will be it I think. I hope to blog more, maybe do some pod-casting over the year but time will tell on that one.