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Posted: February 14, 2012 in Cranfield Conquerors, Hordes, Warmachine

Last night was a chance to get the legion out and play some hordes.

I decided I’d take Kallus, legions newest caster out for a spin having only tried him once at a casual event and not doing that well.

Played 35 points vs Copp’s Cygnar run by Siege. Have to say everything went pretty much to plan with legionaries running for 2 turns then getting killed to become incubi during Copp’s turn 2. Siege was on fire from turn 2 onwards thanks to the Ravagore and a lucky scatter. Turns 3 and 4 settled the game as the incubi and warmongers pretty much battered everything in combat thanks to dark guidance.

Definately going to play Kallus some more, and may pair him with Bethayne for any steam roller events I go to…assuming I get around to putting her and Belphagore together!

First night back at the Cranfield club and it was time to break out the Hordes. I was playing Adam and his Cyrx so I went with absylonia as I’ve been playing her regularly and I kinda know how she plays.

Adam rocked up with pGaspy and some new stuff in the guise of a upgraded mechanithrall unit.

Game was going pretty well with some duff dice from adam but some overreaching left me exposed and a last desperate assination attempt by Absy came to nought. Fun game and I’m looking forward to the new steamroller 2012 tournament pack to try and introduce some scenario play into the club games.

Still really struggle to beat cryx, but at least this game lasted more than 3 turns!

Time to look to a new caster to be mediocre with..Kallus or Bethayne is the question.

Well another year of gaming gone. Thought I’d jot down a bit about the games I managed to play this year and any related painting progress for them 🙂

Epic Armageddon – Epic remains my go to tournament game, and is under going a small resurgence locally with some new players taking up the game. Played an average of a game a month I think and attended 4 tournaments of which Britcon remains my favourite. I painted 3000 points of Nids, finished off some bits for my Biel Tan and that’s about it. So no progress on my Orks, Vanaheim or Necrons.

Blood Bowl – BB has been the game I’ve played most regularly over 2011 as I joined a perpetual league run by the Daventry Vaulters as well as running a league locally in Cranfield. I have enjoyed playing Khemri in the Daventry league as a change of pace from my normal Elves. Going into season 3 I may have fluked my way to the top division so I expect the challenges to keep increasing. In painting I now have 16 painted Elves! An entire team! My Khemri remain woefully partially painted, something I do intend to fix as priority one.

Hordes – Played a lot of hordes over the year, and dabbled in a bit of warmachine to with a Ruhlic army I picked up in Jan. Still lots of fun and my favourite skirmish game with some wonderful models on the table. Painting wise I’ve scraped my blue colour scheme and gone for a yellow brown, and most of my heavy beasts are now painted, along with one 50 point list base around absylonia. Played in some local events and did ok, and at the ETC and did spectacularly badly 🙂

Dystopian Wars – Played this a bit when it released and will be playing more I hope. A fun game and the models on the whole look really cool. Painting hasn’t gone that well but I have completed 9 frigates and know my scheme will work, if it is a little dark.

Malifaux – Played a few games of Malifaux, even attending one tournament to secure another wooden spoon. Painted nearly all the models I owned, then sold them. I truth if I want to play a skirmish game I’d play either hordes or mordheim before I’d go grab the Malifaux. No doubt along the way I’ll pick up a crew again, but no real urge to do so.

Impetus – Played a few small intro games for this in December to fulfil my need for ancient gaming. I’m liking how this game plays. It’s element based which wins over WAB for me but a little less crunchy than FOG so makes an evening game playable. No movement on painting ancients this year but some more impetus play may see that change

Over the year I also managed some games of Mordheim, Ambush Alley and one game of WAB. No 40K which makes me happy 🙂

2012 I’m hoping to have a historical slant to games while keeping up with Epic, Hordes and BB…going to be busy 🙂