2016 has been an interesting year. It’s been an interesting year for me personally and, having overcome some pretty huge challenges, it’s actually been a pretty good one all things considered. The fact that I’m putting fingers to keyboard again is indication of how different things are now to a year ago. Let alone 2 […]

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The way of the hoarder…

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Many the time I’ve said to myself, self, it’s time to have a clear out.

So if I take a scan of the shelves next to my computer I see figures for :-

40K, Warmachine, Hordes, Force on Force/Ambush Alley, Saga, Necromunda,
28mm WWII, 15mm WWII, Epic A, Dystopian Wars, Inquisitor, Lord of the Rings,
Blood Bowl, Relic Knights, 10mm Ancients, 28mm Ancients, Guild Ball & Malifaux.

Some painted, more not! And that’s without opening the drawers… I think I might have to accept I have a problem!

Of the above list I’ve played six of the games listed this year, and some of those only once or twice. In fact the Rohan have seen more action as faux Normans in Saga since I purchased them.

Some of the models have seen play at varying stages of my magpie gaming life, though rarely have any been a staple that stay for any length of time. Surely I should be able to let them go without a second thought?

Don’t get me wrong, I have parted with various things over the years, I’ve even sold off painted Epic forces, dropped 6mm and 10mm WWII collections entirely. Yet more stuff creeps in to fill the void they leave.

Then there was Malifaux, I got frustrated with the game early into it’s 1.5 incarnation and sold out, models cards the lot. Then listening to certain podcasts lured me back, and I know have three masters when I only had one the first time round!

I guess I just assume that as soon as I sell on X, it will be the next thing I really want to play, and are they really doing any harm sitting up there gathering dust?

So sell or box and hide away? It’s a question that really has no answer, but it’s a fun way to procrastinate away time I could have used to paint!



So Autumn….

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Really, Feb was the last post….. whoops!

It has actually been a reasonably busy gaming wise since the last update. I’ve played plenty of Guildball, both at events and casually at home. Played some mk III warmachine, both with Legion and started to dabble a bit in warmachine as I picked up a Retribution starter. Played some Epic, both at the Tanelorn club and at Britcon, still my favourite event, thought Smogcon comes close now.

Recently local gamer Boomer and I sparked the WWII interest and we are four games into learning the Battlegroup rules, using the Overlord book to fight battles in Normandy.

I’ve owned the rules since they came out after the demise of Warhammer Historical ended the Kampfgruppe Normandy rules. They combine fast play with plenty of depth to give a really good feel for combined arms conflict on the table top. Lots of fun and a campaign based around the capture of Caen is on the cards.

Painting wise it’s not been good when I consider the 183 in 365 challenge. I’m currently sitting at 38 new models painted. So way behind.

That said the latest ten men are one section of Para’s for WWII. I’m playing this in 15mm to they painted up pretty quickly, and as I’ve finally unboxed and undercoated the Infantry company I had from Plastic Soldier company, that number could grow rapidly. Could, yes I know me and painting. I am really enjoying the game though, I’m building models I’ve had in boxes for years and want to get them on the table.

So watch this space, hope to blog much more regularly. Yeah, yeah…. said that before!