With my first ‘big’ WM/H event for quite a while in the bag it’s time to look back on take stock.

Game wise I think I’m about where I thought I would be in the wider community. Seventy third out of the hundred and nine that ended the event is roughly my spot, lower third. That said I do think with one or two less errors I could have gone 4-3, but not any higher than that I expect. My lists were ok. I did limit myself by only taking what is painted, and by the fact that I currently don’t own any duplicates. If I want to move into the 4-3 gang I suspect this would have to change.

Terrain was on the whole good, with all the tables I played on having at least seven pieces. The setup of most tables was fair, with over half I played on having a blocking piece of terrain in the center, and I have to say I think having this does make the game more interesting. The only slight knock on the terrain was as it wasn’t neoprene it did tend to drift if you looked at it funny.  Still to have seven pieces available for sixty four tables is no mean feat.

I also need to think about a mirror match list. The chances of my playing in another seven round event and never playing warmachine are remote, but in both of the mirror matches I played I didn’t think I had a tiny chance if I@m honest. While I own all bar three of Legions casters I’ve only played four in MkIII, and probably only played eight in MkII, time to paint more. So sorry local group but you are likely to see Lylth II in the near future!

Element Games North West Gaming Centre is a really good venue. There was enough space between tables, not amazingly spacious but not cramped. The facilities were clean all weekend, which is something few venues hosting over a hundred gamers can say. The bar was well staffed, with plenty of variety on offer. Can’t say how the prices of the alcohol were, but the soft drinks were fairly priced I felt. Certainly a venue I’m looking forward to visiting again.

A huge thank you to the team that ran the event. I never had the need to call on a judge other than to sort out terrain on a table before a game started, but from all the feedback I’ve seen elsewhere everything ran smoothly. The event ran to time which for an event of this size is no mean feat. The raffle was a nice touch, with every player there getting something.

The final big question is would I go back next year? As I left before the prize giving I missed the announcement that the event will be back in Stockport on the 15/16th September, and I intend to return.


So onto day two, after a pretty good nights sleep I was refreshed and ready for a new challenge… hang on Minions again! Yes, somehow in five games I was matched up with minions three times, and there were only four minion players in the field!

Game Five- Alex Smith – Minions (Rask) – Spread the Net
Alex’s lists were all based on gator men, with a fair spread of beasts and casters. I kinda assumed Rask would be the drop, so not to repeat my errors I picked Rhyas, weapon masters can take down gators right?
This game was a long one, lot’s of models went into the central circular zone, and lots of models died. Neither of use could really get a real jump on the attrition, as our beasts both went for the others rectangle zone, and didn’t meet in the middle to late game, turn five or six.
Alex was under some time pressure when his wrastler charged into Rhyas, needing tens to hit her. He never did, and the retaliatory strikes crippled the beast so it was an easy kill. Alex clocked out on his turn seven, and on count back we were tied on thirteen CP’s each!

Clock win (so psuedo Caster kill) to me
Tournament Standing 3-2

Game Six – Chris Young – Grymkin (Dreamer) – Recon II
Still no warmachine here! I’ve never seen Grymkin, so this was a jump into the unknown. Chris had lots of heavies in all his lists so I went with Absy. Chris did explain his arcana choices, but I pretty much forgot then, and he only actually played on all game too. Turn two I looked at how we were facing off and I thought I had a pretty good feat turn opportunity. If Absy killed a model she could get all her benefits, slip stream my Carnie into range of two heavies, leaving the angel to either finish off the second or put damage into the battle engine. Then I moved absy without putting up slipstream. So the carni did kill one beast, but the Angel’s AP attack was lack lustre and the second heavy survived. It was an uphill battle from there, and I ended the game with just about nothing left.

Scenario win to Chris (9-3)
Tournament Standing 3-3

Game Seven – Andy A – Legion (Absy2) – Recon II
Legion huh? I looked at Andy’s lists and said, lets have some fun. His reply was your playing Rhyas then, happy days. Andy’s list was one I hadn’t seen before for Absy as it had three Ravagores in it… boy it’s tough! Andy’s dice were good most of the game, he created a near perfect triangle of scather templates turn one that pretty much meant my swordsmen couldn’t go anywhere. Even when I did get models into combat my dice were low average and I just couldn’t compete in the attrition battle so Absy ruled the day.

Caster kill to Andy 
Tournament Standing 3-4

After the final game Andy and I were chatting and he was adamant that I needed proteus in my Absy list, so much so he broke off his proteues head and gave me the body! He had won an extreme carivean in the raffle so there was thought to this madness. Thanks Andy, you will be glad to know the conversion kit has arrived and proteus will be on the  painting table this weekend.

So overall I finished seventy third out of the hundred and nine players that completed the event, which I’m happy with.

I went into the tournament expecting to be in the bottom few, winning one or two games. In truth I feel the line between being 4-3 and 3-4 is very close. I think without making key mistakes in at least two my loses I could have swung them into wins.

Warning, it’s now three days since the event, and my memory isn’t what it once was, so don’t expect micro detail in these reports. Also I failed to take pictures once again. One day I will remember to take pics as I play, but don’t hold your breath! Here is the one pic I took in game two.

Game One – Chris Tapper – Minions (Rask) – Outlast
So not a bad start, a faction I’ve seen fairly reguarly across the table. I wasn’t surprised that Rask was Chris’s drop, but I wasn’t sure if I should use Rhyas or Thags. I went with Thags this game which was probably not the correct choice. I thought the throne would be able to kill gatormen posse, and it did, but not quickly enough. It also fell to the retaliation. The main error was not picking up on the amount of snacking that was in Chris’s list. I lost two heavies, neither of which could be returned by Thags. I also made the mistake of not putting up excessive healing on Typhon and getting him killed.

Chris managed to clear zones and take a solid scenario victory 6 -1.
Tournament standing 0-1

Game Two – Lee Dowbekin – Minions (Carver) – Breakdown
Minions again! Lee’s lists were a bit different, no Rask from memory and a lot less gator’s in his lists. I decided on Absy for this game, can’t quite remember why but it could have been the number of heavies in all of Lee’s lists, or I just didn’t feel confident running Rhyas into them. Lee’s dice weren’t great, but mine weren’t either. The picture above shows the game at the end of turn two, and yes the Angelius failed to kill that heavy, despite have wraithbane on it to ignore the beasts armour buff! I ground out the game with my Hex Hunters winning the infantry attrition battle, with some beast help. I was up on scenario when Lee left Carver in range of Absy and the Carni, with the Carni doing the business and taking Carver down.

Cast kill victory to me.
Tournament Standing 1-1

Game Three – Paul North – Legion (Lylth 2) – The Pit II
Oh dear Legion, and a WTC captain to boot. I decided to run Ryhas, for no other reason than I wouldn’t be list locked! I don’t play against Legion often as I’m the only person playing them locally. Paul basically wiped my army off the board. I did make the mistake of thinking that putting up stealth was a waste of time, but thinking back I realise that striders don’t have eyeless sight so it would have helped. If the striders wanted to shoot they would have had to come forward, meaning my swordsmen might have been able to counter.

Paul took a pretty quick scenario win.
Tournament Standing 1-2

Game Four – Dan Ford – Skorne (Zaadesh) – Standoff
Dan and I chatted a bit about lists before the game. Dan doesn’t play legion often so was unsure which of his lists to take, so went with his heavy beast brick, 2 Gladiators, Tibbers and a Despoiler, with a few solos and one character unit. I went with Thagrosh, can’t really say why. The game looked to be a mexican standoff, with two lines of heavies sat just on the front edge of the back zones. Dan broke the standoff by using a solo to attack my Throne using it’s own strength! The throne took exception to this and ate the offending solo. Dan then chose to break the line and kill my Throne, also putting a Gladiator into the hex hunters. I didn’t mind this really. With hardly any infantry left on across form me Typhon was enough to remove the charater unit, the scythean took out the despoiler and my Carnivean finished off the gladiator with some help from the hex hunters. At this point Dan threw the rest of the beasts in, but wasn’t able to take much down, and after I removed the last two heavies, conceeded with just Zaadesh and his pain handlers on the table. Brutal game, but a really good laugh.

Caster kill to me.
Tournament Standing 2-2

So even after four games, better than I expected and I’m sat on the number of wins I had hoped to get too for the event. Four games in one day is draining, and I wonder how it would be if all your games came down to the wire. So it was time to go find some fast food and crash to get ready for three more games on day two.