2018 – Goals and all that

Posted: January 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

So new year, new focus?

I didn’t really set any goals for 2017, and I now wonder if that didn’t really help me feel like I achieved, well anything much. Now in previous years I set goals only for the new shiny syndrome to come in and wreak them, coupled with my epic ability to procrastinate. So let’s set some goals for 2018 and see what happens.

Goal One, get a bit thinner. I signed up for the @Fools_Daily Mind over Matter challenge and my initial weigh in shows me at 200 lbs. My goal would be to get to 180 or so, which could be done by Apr, but may take a bit longer. So the aim for Jan is to come in lower than 200, nothing more.

Goal Two, get more painted. This one is a perennial goal, but one I’d like to actually stick too. I’ve just done a quick count and I painted around 23 models last year. I need to up my game this year by quite a lot. So the aim is to paint 10 models a month, for an annual target of 120. If I actually paint a new epic army like I’ve been thinking of for ages this target may get revised!

Goal Three, thin the collection. I have tonnes of models that are never going to see the gaming table, no matter how many times I think they will. This year is the year they go out the door. So watch out on twitter and ebay if you are a collector of minis.

For goals that will be it I think. I hope to blog more, maybe do some pod-casting over the year but time will tell on that one.


2017 – Hmmmm

Posted: December 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

So 2017… where did it go?

Looking back it feels like I didn’t actually play much, but I have.

The biggest shock is that I am almost down to being a one game gamer. Sure over the year I’ve played Battlegroup for WWII, Guildball for quite a while, dabbled with a bit of 40K, but the only two games that I spend time tinkering with lists for are Hordes and EpicA.

I lost the love for Guildball early in the year, not 100% sure why but the constantly changing Midas was a part of it. How this player has changed so much since release is madness, and they aren’t minor changes either.

Paint wise another slow year, but then as I don’t really enjoy it so much it’s no surprise. I have played all my Hordes events as fully painted, painting new stuff for all three big events I attended. The plan is to maintain the paint to play mode in 2018.

Very little else to report. I have watched a lot of the the Critical Role vidcast, and that has me with a huge urge to play D&D again. Not sure how to fix that itch right now.

So… that’s about it really. Lets see what 2018 brings.


With my first ‘big’ WM/H event for quite a while in the bag it’s time to look back on take stock.

Game wise I think I’m about where I thought I would be in the wider community. Seventy third out of the hundred and nine that ended the event is roughly my spot, lower third. That said I do think with one or two less errors I could have gone 4-3, but not any higher than that I expect. My lists were ok. I did limit myself by only taking what is painted, and by the fact that I currently don’t own any duplicates. If I want to move into the 4-3 gang I suspect this would have to change.

Terrain was on the whole good, with all the tables I played on having at least seven pieces. The setup of most tables was fair, with over half I played on having a blocking piece of terrain in the center, and I have to say I think having this does make the game more interesting. The only slight knock on the terrain was as it wasn’t neoprene it did tend to drift if you looked at it funny.  Still to have seven pieces available for sixty four tables is no mean feat.

I also need to think about a mirror match list. The chances of my playing in another seven round event and never playing warmachine are remote, but in both of the mirror matches I played I didn’t think I had a tiny chance if I@m honest. While I own all bar three of Legions casters I’ve only played four in MkIII, and probably only played eight in MkII, time to paint more. So sorry local group but you are likely to see Lylth II in the near future!

Element Games North West Gaming Centre is a really good venue. There was enough space between tables, not amazingly spacious but not cramped. The facilities were clean all weekend, which is something few venues hosting over a hundred gamers can say. The bar was well staffed, with plenty of variety on offer. Can’t say how the prices of the alcohol were, but the soft drinks were fairly priced I felt. Certainly a venue I’m looking forward to visiting again.

A huge thank you to the team that ran the event. I never had the need to call on a judge other than to sort out terrain on a table before a game started, but from all the feedback I’ve seen elsewhere everything ran smoothly. The event ran to time which for an event of this size is no mean feat. The raffle was a nice touch, with every player there getting something.

The final big question is would I go back next year? As I left before the prize giving I missed the announcement that the event will be back in Stockport on the 15/16th September, and I intend to return.